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Our education program aims to increase the number of children receiving quality education by emphasizing both parental investment, village cooperation. and sponsoring children to attend school. BCB's is specifically focused on increasing young girls attendance in school.

BCB's 2010 Delegation visits a school in Atakpame, Togo, where we plan to build a school! Children in this school walk over 3 miles every day to attend and they spend the entire day without food or water! BCB seeks to transform the lives of these students with our direct interventions.

We are currently working on a pilot project in the rural village of Madjamakou in the Atakpame region of Togo in the city of Glei.

Children can’t learn if they don’t have the physical and emotional support needed for concentration, growth, and development. The country and rural region we are working in is extremely disadvantaged and lacks the development and funding to establish a sound educational infrastructure.

School 2  Village School

We intend to provide resources for the villagers to help them improve the school structures already in place or build new ones. We also plan to engage women to create and maintain a village women’s collective to operate school canteens, which will provide schoolchildren with a meal and water during the school day.

school 3  school 4

In addition, we are building bridges through an education exchange forum that will connect local teachers with the international community and teachers in the US and Europe.



Building Community Bridges, Inc.
operates three programs in the
geographic region of West Africa.
Our pilot programs are implemented
in rural communities...

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Water & Sanitation

Forty-eight percent of those in Togo do not
have access to an improved water
source such as household
connections, public

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...Is a sub-Saharan country
in West Africa bordered by
Ghana to the west, Benin to
the east and Burkina Faso to the
north. It stretches...

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Building Community Bridges, Inc., was launched in 2006, guided by a profound commitment to raise the quality of life in rural villages in West Africa.

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