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Founder's Story

My story begins in the West African city of Lome, Togo, which lies close to the Ghana border. As a child, until I was nine years old, I spent my school vacations in my parents' villages in Atteteti, Ghana. Although it was so long ago, my experiences of village life have left deep imprints on me.

I still have vivid memories of friendsenyonam nanevie walking hours to come visit and of walking miles to get water and carrying it back on our heads. Although I experienced intense feelings of longing due to the isolation of village life at times, I love the peaceful ways of rural life.

Growing up as the daughter of a diplomat afforded me the privilege of going to exclusive private schools, and traveling and living all over the world, which transformed my life. By the time I was about 15, I began to see the inequities.

My realization and recognition of people and the world being one, removed mental barriers created by geographical borders and cultural conditioning and instead, gave me a foundation to understand that connections can be created across the world, that geographical borders and cultural rules and tradition need not keep us separated. In time, I began to see myself as a citizen of the world instead of a woman from a small country in West Africa. This is breeding ground that germinated the moving philosophy behind Building Community Bridges, Inc. (BCB).

My life has always been one of duality. I have been both a villager and a city dweller, a welcomed member of a tribe and also a foreigner. All that I have experienced contributes to my realization and understanding of the duality that must be our future, that is evident in all parts of human life.enyonam friends

As an African woman who has experienced many of the realities these villages currently face, my most earnst desire is to build "bridges" for people, especially rural women to obtain access to resources and empowerment. In particular, I dream that we as a people shall rise and, through persistence, cooperation and caring, build a new society. I believe that each person - each soul can take action and improve his or her community.

When I left the village and all I knew, I promised my community that I would one day return. BCB is the sum of my life, love and a dream that has grown to be the dream of those on my team as well. The time has arrived to keep promises that were made. Thank you for joining us in changing lives.

Welcome to our site and thank you!
Enyonam Nanevie



Building Community Bridges, Inc.
operates three programs in the
geographic region of West Africa.
Our pilot programs are implemented
in rural communities...

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Water & Sanitation

Forty-eight percent of those in Togo do not
have access to an improved water
source such as household
connections, public

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...Is a sub-Saharan country
in West Africa bordered by
Ghana to the west, Benin to
the east and Burkina Faso to the
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About Us

Building Community Bridges, Inc., was launched in 2006, guided by a profound commitment to raise the quality of life in rural villages in West Africa.

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