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Mission - Vision

Our mission is to elevate the quality of life in rural villages in West Africa by building solar energy-water pumps, new schools, and medical clinics. We empower and support rural populations to utilize indigenous knowledge integrated with modern innovation and technology to effect endogenous change that enables villages to be self-reliant and self-sufficient.

website 2We are founded upon the reflection that dignity is a natural and elevating characteristic of human life. The innate human instinct is not only to survive but also to experience happiness, peace and the opportunity to improve one’s condition in life.

By strategically connecting rural populations with international communities, Building Community Bridges, Inc. (BCB) becomes the “bridge” that connects this demographic with technological resources. By creating grassroots strategies with our constituents to proactively address their issues, we help to restore dignity and pride to these indigenous cultures that translates into empowered communities.

BCB leverages indigenous knowledge based innovation and technology to improve the quality of life in rural villages by:

Enyonam Nanevie and Liz Maxwell speak to the villagers, explaining the vision of BCB and assuring villagers that BCB will partner with them for long term development  in their villages.



Building Community Bridges, Inc.
operates three programs in the
geographic region of West Africa.
Our pilot programs are implemented
in rural communities...

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Water & Sanitation

Forty-eight percent of those in Togo do not
have access to an improved water
source such as household
connections, public

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...Is a sub-Saharan country
in West Africa bordered by
Ghana to the west, Benin to
the east and Burkina Faso to the
north. It stretches...

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About Us

Building Community Bridges, Inc., was launched in 2006, guided by a profound commitment to raise the quality of life in rural villages in West Africa.

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